Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bigger Ponds

It may sound conceited to call myself a Big Fish. Let me explain. I was raised in Chapel Hill, NC. I went to college in Raleigh NC (30 miles away) I moved to Durham NC (8 miles from Chapel Hill) and I work in Chapel Hill (6 miles from my parents). Needless to say. I know everyone in this town. At the bars I see my Middle School class mates. At the grocery store I see my first grade teacher. At the Psychiatrist office I work at.... well.... I know them all.

It's time to go. The only time I had that "this is for me" feeling was when I was in London the summer after my freshman year of college. I knew no one there, I was 18 years old and the city was bigger than I could fathom.

This blog begins right before I jump into my Big Pond. I am going to graduate school at Columbia University. yup. Columbia... it's in NYC. It's the opposite of NC and I am going to be the biggest fucking fish in the ultimate big pond.

In terms of expectations of me as a blogger here is the scoop.

I'm not cool or funny. I'm probably no more interesting that you are yourself. Any humor you find in me is just a fluke. I don't believe in people who try to be funny. you are or you aren't. When you try, you aren't and even worse? you're also pathetic.

This is what I do know:
1) I'm honest to a fault.
2) I don't do discomfort. I put it out there. you accept it. If you're not too awkwarded out, you don't return.
3) You're going to return because you're going to be obsessed. Thats my most charming quality, driving strangers to inexplicable obsession.
4) I curse. I can use "fuck" as Who-What-When-Where and I will. Even if I probably don't need to. The same goes for the overuse of dashes, dramatic periods, and ellipses.
5) I speak in mostly slang and abbreviations. And I don't translate.

so, with that. see you next time, or not.



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