Monday, June 22, 2009

This is my new home.

I spent last week in NYC apartment hunting. That was one of the most unpleasant, hellish weeks of my life. I've never really searched for a home before... my first college apartment, my friends picked it and the first time I had even driven over there was when I went to sign my lease. My apartment that I live in now, I found completely by accident, signed the papers on the spot and didn't see the inside of it until the day before I moved in. Needless to say, I like to use as litle energy as possible when it comes to finding suitable housing, I know what I'm looking for and it's usually pretty specific so that rules out a lot of places right of the bat.

We get to New York and immediately meet with our first broker, Roz. She was a mix between the lady that plays on The Nanny and like... a middle school algebra teacher. or a Pharmacist. Imagine my state of mind. I'm exhausted, sweaty, and motion sick from the shitty-yet-amazing driving skills of the taxi that brought us from our from our hotel on w 77th to the brokers office on 5th. So, you know... I'm sleepy, smelly, and sick. moods a little sour, obv.

Initially Roz was very sweet. My sister had spent a lot of time on the phone with her, so I felt confident that the woman had a good idea of who we were, what we were looking for, etc. um. No, that was actually not the case at all. We take the train to the apartment she is showing us. The minute we stepped out of the subway I was effing astonished. I have never been in the middle of the true life projects in my life. Not to sound all classist and egregious, but seriously, what the fuck was she thinking? The homeless were spilled all over the street. Harlem Hospital was on the corner and all the hospital patients were somehow OUTSIDE of the building. My problems straight away were:

1) it was 4:00pm on a Tuesday. WHY were there so many people who should reasonably be at work-- NOT at work? Don't they have 9-5, M-F there??

2) if the Hospital was so full that all the people were on the sidewalk out front (on a Tuesday, at 4pm) What the hell would it be like on a weekend?! on a holiday?

The apartment itself was nice, but that doesn't matter at all because not only did I refuse to live there, I don't think I'd even go visit there. If someone told me a box of cereal was $1.00 over there--- I'd still pay the $3.99 on my own part of town. Hum.... prob. can add "snobby" to the aforementioned adjectives.

Roz became really pushy and jumbled when she could sense we were disinterested. She starts to fumble over her words and at one point says "Look. I live in the one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan..." I blocked her out at that point. Not to be a bitch, but she looked sort of poor. E, my mother, and I don't. So really I was left trying to figure out why she took us to see an apartment in the middle of Section 8 housing. Would you encourage an anorexic to find clothes at Lane Bryant? No, you would not... because it wouldn't be appropriate. But, I digress...

What took the cake was my Mother stating, with disgust and alarm all over her face, "I think that lady on the corner had AIDS." she could see the AIDS.

So after viewing 10 more apartments, all of which displayed various levels of utter homelessness.... I found our beautiful home!! The pictures are of my room, 2 shots of the living room, the kitchen, and my sister's room (E, shes gonna be my roomie). It's in a beautiful brownstone right by campus, a 5 minute walk to the front door of the school of social work. It's perfect.

I will be in New York permanently by mid- Aug. super pumped!


Regina said...

My favorite part was seeing the AIDS. haha. I love you and will miss you but secretly be happy I have somewhere to stay in NYC now. jk. mostly. :)

kakesler said...

I love the entire story surrounding this and am totally jealous if the beautiful apt!!

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