Monday, July 13, 2009

Personal Style.

I skimp when buying: I love White tees, but stick to Hanes of Fruit of the Loom.

I splurge when buying: Jeans, I love Sevens and James jeans.

I always break this fashion rule: My Mother and Aunt JoJo tease me, saying I'm the only person they know who wears after-five attire during the 9-5 hours. It's true, I wear evening clothing during the day, often.

I never break this fashion rule: I don't break the obvious ones, about like light washed jeans and white tennis shoes... but everything else is whatever.

Most cherished item: Black Macbook and Blackberry

Guilty pleasure: My uggs.

Describe your personal style: classics, conservative, after-five, clean cut,

I feel best wearing: summer: shift dress, belted, sandals, oversized glasses

winter:slim legged jeans, flats, tank, tee, cardigan, oversized glasses,

Personal style quirk: I wear the same vintage Bakelite bangles every day. One is coral and the other, mustard yellow. Before the Bakelite they were 2 brown vintage bangles from Argentina.

Most underrated item: The tank under the tee. it makes all the difference.

Never caught wearing: in public: sweat pants, tee-shirts, or hoodies

When I was in high school I wore: I pretty much had the same style then as I do now. I think my usual outfit consisted of a button down oxford or polo. Jeans, or a mini skirt. Accessories: trade the bakelite for sterling bracelet with my initials, and the Tiffs beans for pearls.

Favorite fashion magazine: W. I've been an avid reader since High School. I couldn't subscribe to anything but Teen vogue, so I'd buy the W at Barnes and Noble, until I got to college.

Favorite other magazine: Marie Claire. I used to love Jane, until if folded, and Nylon, until it got cool.

Perfume: french connection, fcuk her


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