Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So much for being an original.

I had to change my name on twitter... which sucks because coming up with new user names and such is really hard. I tried "Sesh" it was taken. I tried variations of my first middle and last name, initials, whatever. All available but I wasn't really feelin them.

So I tried just my own name. and it was taken. If my name was Kelly, Mary, Anne, Jenny... it would be whatever... but it's not. it's an original, or so I thought.

This girl stole my name. And like.... I don't get why! Clearly other people can have my name. There are like a million people in Ghana who have my first name as their surname, but thats in Ghana. This girl in in Maryland.

This is Sesh, from Australia. You, sir, stole my effing nickname. It doesn't make any sense to be selfish about a name, but for 23 years I enjoyed being the one and only (that I knew) this "seshie" in MD and this "Sesh" in Australia.... mark busters.


superstrech2007 said...

ahahaha SMH@ this lol

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