Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sorry for Partying shirt

Good ole' Grace. She linked me to this shirt. However... Ya'll know I was digging for the exact one. And I found it! They are made by some emo scene-queen named Jac Vanek. I think she is best known for dating Ryan Ross (ex guitarist for Panic at the Disco) Regardless, I am for sure buying that shirt. here is the link to her online store. Her bracelets (see above) are quite popular among The Scene, but I think you had to be born in 1992 or later to wear them... Anyways. look out for me and my shirt while I'm running around New York being sorry about partying.


gbaird81 said...

had i not been at work, i would've found it for you! winkwink

Sesh said...

haha and thats the best part. You're totally at work, and you're still helping your girl out! preesh!!

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