Sunday, August 30, 2009

What I'm wearing (what I wore) 08.28.09, 08.29.09 and mini-updater

I have been so excited to post my outfits! I have so much fun picking out clothes, shopping, dressing myself (and others). Even with my more or less strict cut, color, and shape preferences, I still think I try to step out of the box as much as possible. Hopefully posting my outfits will make me 1) not get stuck in the ruts I'm often in, where I will only wear the same outfit-different variation for a week straight, 2) force myself to be more creative and 3) share my fun (hopefully) NYC inspired outfit creations! Hopefully I can enlist E to take my pictures, but for now these makeshift mirror shots will have to do.

So, It rains every all the time here, but not like it rains in the south where it will dump down and then go away. Here it just dumps down. I wore the above outfit to just run so errands, open a bank account, hit up Duane Reed, etc.
Tank and Tee-- C&C
Cardigan-- H&M
Jeans--Seven for all Mankind
Flats-- Tory Burch.
It rained-but-stopped on Friday, so it was humid and cool, but like. hot. I just did errands, again. And then sat in Starbucks, people watching and reading articles off the manditory reading list for orientation ( yup. orientation reading list. way dope.)
Jeans-- Seven for All Mankind
Flats-- Tory Burch.

Tomorrow is the first day of Orientation for the School of Social Work, which is a 4 day long crash course, 1 part welcome to Columbia and 1 part-- how to be an excellent social worker. The dress code is business casual, so I am thinking slacks/tops/cardigans/flats combinations. On Thursday there is a 4 hour boose cruise riverboat tour of the city, so I wanna get a little spicy for that. Ha what an a-hole phase. Y'all know what I mean. Flashy and Fly in a business casual way.

In other clothing and life related news: I may or may not be attending a totally contrived and pre arranged "drinks" with a boy I met this week. If I decide to put on my big girl pants and not bail like a punk, I will be going on Tuesday.... but, knowing me, it's gona take a lot to get me to "drinks".... we'll see.
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Sarah Anne Medearis said...

I love that sweater! Very very cute -- and bright colors, Sesh! I need to get a full length mirror stat.. and get the whole outfit in the shot.

Regina said...

Yesssss for your may or may not drinks on Tuesday. Forget what you're wearing I want to hear bout that ish.

Good luck this week with orientation!!

PS I must have your brightly colored cardigan.

Lisa said...

Graduate booze cruise... love it!

olivia said...

How were drinks?!? Agree with SAM, the sweater is so cute.

kakesler said...

I love the TwelvebyTwelve sweater too! I want it for me! So perfect for a summer day out and about.

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