Thursday, September 10, 2009

Post Script: the Boots.

Ew. After looking at the Kors ones in the post, it's like a no brainer... I'm obviously liking the hunter ones more.

Dude what is my deal?


Liv said...

Get your head out of the clouds! The Hunter ones are way more classic and will translate easily from NYC rain to gardening? Like, if you get a house? Whatever, the Kors ones look like you may shoot up the school if the rain gets to be too much, so obvi Hunter wins my vote.


kakesler said...

Hunter def. I'd die for some cute red ones...GA and my lame job, that is totally not fashion conscious, just aren't ready for the Hunter boots (and let's be real...I'm not trekking it in the rain like you!).

Regina said...

Get the hunter wellies!! And if you ever take up horseback riding in NYC you're already outfitted. :)

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