Monday, November 16, 2009

They've cut me loose.

Here I am, way downtown around battery park. My internship had a training at DHS this morning. Instead of going up to the Bronx this morning, I went down to 33 Beaver Street myself. No problem because blackberry is amazing and google maps is a lifesaver.

I have a client who I recently got placed at a safe haven down in Manhattan on Bowery st (think location of the old CBGB). So, the training ends and here is the conversation:

Doug: so you're going over to the Andrews?
Me: um, ya. I'd like to go.
Doug: you know how to get there.
Me: (silence). I can get there. Sure.

Backstory--- I mentioned before, my internship is a mobile unit. I have an office, but we do a lot of stuff using the 5 company cars. I have become a champion passenger since I don't have driving privileges. I mean, I got over my pretty much constant car sickness AND my need to sleep while someone else drives.

Even MORE backstory-- its time for my mid-semester review. Like I've mentioned before, my school is very touchy feel-y and Doug and I have to have an hour long oral dialogue about where I think I'm at, where he thinks I'm at and a slew of other awkward-ass things. Needless to say, I am less that excited. Being evaluated is so uncomfortable. It doesn't help that Doug is a CUSSW alum, he's only 27 and he's someone who, in my real life, I'd want to be friends with/ wanna make out with a little. Hahahaha. I die.

Ok. Back to the real story--

So he cut me loose. And I know this is a "how-independent-self-sufficient-is-this-intern" test. And I am up for it. I just got to the canal street stop and I might jump off and go get me somethin fake right quick....

Actually, just got to my real stop. Wish me luck! I hope to prove myself with Doug and my co-workers...and to myself as well. I do live here now, and I can't hide out in the UWS and Hunts Point forever. Its all about branching out for the second semester...

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Sarah M said...

Go girl! You're the little intern that could!

also.. I guess I need to meet doug once your placement is over hahahaha.

but for real.

kakesler said...

You're awesome! I can't imagine the adjust to public transport as opposed to hopping in the car. Hope you made it ok!!

Akili said...

Lots of Luck!!!! Let us know how it went!

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