Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You're not 19 anymore.

I've been thinking a lot about growing up lately. I suppose its because that's where I am in life now. My friends are getting married, others are in grad school, you know, grown up stuff. Sure, 23 is close to 19 than it is to 30, but the shit you could do at 19 does not work anymore.

Today's example: at 23 years old I have a real respect for breakfast. It must be eaten to function.

In my youth breakfast was reserved for hangovers, weekends, and special occasions. I regularly went through my high school day on nothing but the slushie I got at wilco when I skipped spanish. And I'd eat lunch of course, but at like 2:00. That is some young girl behavior. I was thinking of the many convos I've had with RSJ and SM about the old days. Effortlessly thinner, and we still went to the gym all the time. I remember undergraduate days of skipping dinner to drink all night, or how we'd eat late night on the reg (like that's even acceptable.)
I'm def. To old for that mess now.

Now, if I don't eat everything breaks down. Can't think, can't work, bitchassness, the whole deal. Its so not worth it.

What I've learned now is that breakfast is where its at. That's a picture of my typical 5:30am meal. Sure, it looks like a meal for a 3rd grader, but I'm on a break from Special K red berries, and Fruit Loops are my second fav. I haven't mastered the art of 3-square meals and I still eat too much junk, but I'm workin on it.... All in due time I suppose.

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Sarah M said...

It's a whole process -- Frosted Flakes are still my number two when I'm too puor to buy Kashi Go Lean Crunch. I do miss the old days, but I'm also so happy where we all are at!

GBPPAngel said...

Funny you should write about this because I had this conversation over the weekend. I have NO idea how we did our ridic school/work/social schedules where 8am-3am days were the norm running on very little food and too much booze. I'm tired just thinking about it.

Stately Lady said...

My number two is definitely cinnamon toast crunch. I could eat that for every meal, always. And its still pretty terrible. But I miss the lean and mean days, too.

Akili said...

I had cold pizza and diet coke for breakfast this morning [don't ask]. But at least I ate! Can't function without breakfast...

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