Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Party...

Oh hey y'all. I just finished finals! I'm like, real happy. My family just got to town, got new clients at my things are exciting and busy.

On Wednesday night my agency had their office holiday potluck for all the case workers. Fun right? Well, my supervisor insisted on me bringing my parents. Here I am, that freakin intern with her parents at the office party.

Well it went real well! Haha my parents took the train to the bronx with me, and met everyone. They absolutely loved Doug and I mean, duh...I love doug so it worked out perfectly haha.

My family is still up here, and my bro is staying w/ me and E. Tonight I plan to get him into some real crazy shit with his buddy patrick. Hopin to get blacked out like a freshman... Its winter break, dammit!!

Oh, and that's what I wore to the x-mas dinner. It was sort of a big deal because usually I wear like, baggy-ish jeans, my nike air max sneakers or clarks, and a tee-shirt +zip or cardigan. Nothing cute but like, I work in a boys club with homeless people so cute stuff is like, really not appropriate.

Needless to say I was excited to get a lil dressed up.

Ok. I'm rambling to avoid the real story. So I'm at a potluck dinner and its like, the food? Its bangin. I hadn't had a legit meal in like 4 days because of finals and all the mess with the banker. I'm like, "Self, you know how sensitive you are to everything. Don't spaz in here, eating whatever the fuck you wanna"

Obviously I didn't follow my own advice. The downfall was this lasagna that my co-worker brought. It was just TOO much flavor. With each bite my stomach was screaming back "please. No more" but some how I decided to ignore it's pleas.

Then here comes Doug: "I signed up for dessert because I wanted to bring everyone my favorite cheesecake in the world from this spot over by where I stay."

Well. Hell. Someone brings me an inappropriately large slice. 3 bites in and it was a wrap.

Y'all, I don't even really eat dairy like that. Why would I eat this hunk of cheesecake concentrate?

To make matters more awkward/uncomfortable, during the "I appreciate my staff" speak Doug gave.... I escape. Where I proceed to die a low death in the bathroom. I know, huge TMI, but whatever, it's my blog and I mean--- I'm going there.

So the more I panic about how er--shitty the situation is, the more um...shitty the situation becomes.

Moral of the story: some times you gotta man up, suck it up, and rejoin the party. And friends, that's what I did. But that's my last pot luck. They will get you killed.

Cardigan-- H&M
Tee-- American Apparel
Boots-- Michael Kors


Akili said...

So, you know I am WEAK laughing. Hahaha! This is soooo funny, but not so much because of the situation but because you're the kind of girl that blogs about this situation! Haha! Oh and party outift is CUTE. :)

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