Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sans Microwave.

I've had a few people inquire about how I manage without using a Microwave. I manage just fine! Haha.

No, for real. I stopped using a microwave over a year ago because at thanksgiving 08. My brother told some story about an experiment where these rats were injected with water or blood or something that had been in the microwave---and then the rats promptly died. Or some scary shit like that. But then you know, my family was discussing how weird it is that like, for example: you re-heat pizza in the microwave and it tastes crazy and the bread is all gummy... That is not normal!

So, I traded the microwave for a saucepan and the stove. (Or the oven and a pyrex dish.)

I find that it doesn't take that long, and the food is delicious. Another plus? My microwave is the perfect storage for dish rags and towels. No, seriously. Its strictly storage unless we have a microwave using guest over.

So, what you do,
- place your food in the pan and put the heat on medium or low. (If you've got something like pasta or rice add a little bit of water. Like a tiny splash).
-Cover with a lid so it gets all steamy and delicious.
-check it in like 5 min. Maybe a little stirring or shifting if you feel so inclined/its burning or sticking (if it is burning or sticking, turn the heat down. Duh)


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