Sunday, January 24, 2010

What I Wore. The Weekend.

Saturday Night:
Boyfriend Blazer: H&M
Scarf: DC street vendor
Tee: Lilac Lotus
Motorcycle pants: H&M
Booties: Diba
Friday Night:
Velvet thing: Old Navy
Tank: C&C
Jeggings: Target
Boots: Michael Kors

A little lazy this week with the pictures. These are off of my blackberry (obv) and were really intended for my mom, since she still helps me get dressed, even from afar.
So, I have pretty much regressed from first semester. All of the exciting colors and patterns I was slowly adopting seem like a thing of the past. I still totally appreciate color, and want to better utilize it.... but, I have been a fan of neutrals (especially black) since the beginning of time. It doesn't help that New York is a) dirty b) everyone wears black. It was inevitable.

My personal style is still lacking any concrete definition. I think it's mostly classic with a safe amount of trend... I realy enjoy fashion and clothes, I remember having a subscription to W in 2002 when all of my friends were getting Seventeen, Teen, & Cosmo (for them freaky girls...SM hahahaha). So it's sort of weird that I don't know what the hell I wear. I suppose thats why I like documenting the outfits. Makes me consider it a little more, and, it's kind of fun.

One one last note: I've recently gotten comfortable with the idea of accessories. (crazy, right?) I'm looking forward to trying out cocktail rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that stray away from my basic sterling rings and necklace. So I guess it's give and take. What I lost in color/pattern exploration, I've gained in accessorizing.


Akili said...

I'm really loving the Saturday night outfit. And don't feel too bad about the neutrals. Apparently this year black is the new black ;-)

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