Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Summer Plans.

The weather is FINALLY nice up here! the sunshine is so refreshing and I absolutely love being in the city as spring rolls in.

I've got about a month of school left. The last day of class is April 29th and my internship ends on the 7th of May. It's insane to think that I have completed almost 1/2 of my graduate program! It's been a freakin hard year. The internship was so much work, demanding on me mentally and emotionally--- but I truly loved the work I did this year. Next year my internship selections are all direct clinical practice with adults of young adults. I am looking at community clinics and university settings where I will be the primary therapist. Really exciting and I can't wait to find out where I'll be next year. 

Something else very exciting is that my internship offered me a job working for them for the summer. I'm so happy because summer jobs are hard to come by, and I definitely need to like, pay my rent, eat and breathe all summer. So, starting June 1 I will work 4 days a week as a case manager (and getting paid-- holla) I'm gonna be off on Fridays, so I can still have something that resembles a summer as well.

All of my friends will be in the city for the summer (minus Kimmy, who will be in Nicaragua). So I am so thrilled for all of the summer activites and adventures. We've got concerts and trips lined up... and at the very mininum, drinking at restaurants in their outside seating will make me plenty happy. hahaha

So, question. Summer clothing at my job is going to be tricky. For me I am a dress wearer all summer because I hate being all sweaty and gross. I obviously cannot wear that stuff with my clients, though. (on office days I can wear a little more dressy stuff).

I was thinking about getting a pair of Tom's Shoes. We have to wear closed toes, for the obvious safety reasons, but I don't want to wear super hot sneakers all summer. Do any of you have a pair? How do you like them??


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