Saturday, May 22, 2010

Atlantic City Getaway.

So my parents came up to New Jersey for a conference that my dad was attending, and E and I decided to go and stay a couple days. It was the perfect post-finals getaway/mothers day trip. We stayed at Harrah's in AC, which was surprisingly nice. They had a great seafood restaurant in the hotel which we ate at twice (see me and daddy in our bibs before eating crab legs).

The thing about me and gambling is that I freakin love it. Scratch-off, powerballs, and slots--- yes please. The slots got me excited in Vegas so I was determined to teach E and my mom how play the $.25 slots. I'm the most unlucky person that I know, so I didn't do any actual playing, and my dad is sort of the same (picture of him below, gambling for the first time--- he lost it all) However, E has a magic touch! and walked away with a sweet lil win. (we split it, duh). 

I imagine there will be at least one more trip to AC in my future... It wasn't quite Jersey Shore, but all of Jersey isn't that bad.


Lisa said...

Sweet! My sister is there this weekend... teach her your ways then tell her she has to split her winnings with me, too :-)

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