Friday, May 14, 2010


Living in New York is awesome, but, being car-less and on foot all the time leads to some crap-hole situations---one of those is grocery shopping. So, I guess one of my favorite things on earth is this grocery delivery service, Fresh Direct. I ordered groceries on my lunch break last Friday and they were delivered on Saturday Morning. Its nice because they always have fresh produce, tons of organic stuff, vegan shit for my sister, and the junk that I love (pickles, pudding, pink lemonade!)
We went from a sad, empty fridge, full of over-ripe veggies and condiments to a packed fridge in a few minutes, and I love that. Now, if only I could have someone cook me some dank meals...


Sarah M said...

Thank God for that!! NY really has that fig'd out to a tee -- otherwise you'd be eating all your foods from the bodega and CVS hahahaha

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