Wednesday, June 2, 2010

On Cooking.

Seshie , Tony

Tony: Back in the city... Wanna do dinner? KBeau and Tommy are down...
Sesh : Of course!
Tony: Do you have a wisk?
Sesh : I have a mini bottle of evan williams

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Tony: That doesn't help me...
Tony: You need to find me a wisk...
Sesh : Oooh the cooking item!!!
Sesh: I think I do hold. On
Tony: hahahahaha
Tony: Yeah
Sesh : I thought you were saying "wisk" like "whiskey"
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Tony: Hahaha
Sesh : Omg dying
Tony: Yeeesssssss
Sesh: I'll bring it
Sesh: And.... Like. clearly I don't cook. When you said 'wisk' I thought "cleaning detergent? Uhhh whiskey the alcohol? Cooking utensil.... Ahhh
Tony: Hahahaha


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