Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Jello Shots and me are frienemies. Like, I freakin swear to god, every time I see her, I only remember the good times, and how awesome and fun she is, I forget how much of a little bitch Jello Shots is, until she stabs me in the back a few hours later. I shouldn't blame her, she can't help her nasty attitude, I should know better by now, but I'm a sucker. 

A couple weekends ago me, LA and K.beau decided to go out, it was last minute and one of those necessary outings, so whatever. We go to this place called Alibi. The first time we went the weekend before it was (literally) a hot tranny mess in there, so why we decided to try again, I don't know. In hindsight I think that whore of a friend, Jello Shots was luring me there, calling to my subconscious. Oh well, we'll never. know.

Things start off relatively good! like yay, we're out, we look cute, we're having fun, and like, the DJ is kind of good all is well. And honestly, as far as I know, it was a great night.... I later (the next day) am kindly sent pictures from K.beau. And like... 

Dead. Obligatory SubwayEatFresh stop, clearly I was feeling the whole healthy lifestyle because I got them apples.... and passed out in the 24 hour Subway. 

Top Night.


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