Monday, September 13, 2010

Concerts: fall/winter 2010

The concert-going bug of the summer has not died with the school year starting. I swear, hands down one of the best things about New York are the shows, and the events.... Just another tally mark in the "yes-I'm-absolutely-staying-here-after-I-graduate" column.

So far on the calender:

He's taping for his upcoming HBO special, and the Apollo which is like.... right in my neighborhood. Treat!

I fell in LOVE with Lissie when i heard her covers of "pursuit of Happiness" and "Bad Romance" so I was so so excited to see that she was coming to New York!
YUP. Ya DAMN right. I got these tickets the minute the went on sale.

Super excited about La Roux.... their mix tape with Major Lazer has been on constant repeat.

I'm also trying to see Wicked, Rent, and possibly Dave Matthews (again)..... we'll see.


Akili said...

(1) "RENT" was the 1st show I ever saw on Broadway. Have such an affection for it.

(2) Downloaded and now listening to the La Roux/Major Lazer mixtape

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